Welcome to the Coating Laboratory of RAE Engineering & Inspection Ltd.

RAE Coatings Lab

The Coatings Laboratory of RAE Engineering and Inspection Ltd. is a premier provider of coating testing services and coating consulting services, with a primary focus in the industries of pipelining, oil and gas production, and waste water handling.

Services include evaluation of pipeline coatings and tank lining coatings for field service performance, coating failure investigations, design and construction of custom laboratory test methods and apparatus, specification development, and coating product selection for service. The laboratory is equipped to handle hydrogen sulfide in a variety of test apparatus, including small pressure vessels. DC electrochemistry and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) are among the many tests used in the Coating Laboratory in the evaluation of the performance of coatings and other materials. Accelerated weathering tests, and various chemical analysis methods including FTIR, GC-MS, SEM/EDX, micro-XRD are also available through the Coating Laboratory.

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